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We connect people, sailboats and environmental action to realize ocean travel, adventure and a more and more conscious way of life.


Now more than ever it's clear that living with nature is the answer to almost everything. We are ON it, with the Ocean Nomads adventure impact community.  Home for the free spirits living or after an eco-minded active outdoor lifestyle in and near the sea. 

Who are we?

We are a global community of impact-driven travellers, ocean entrepreneurs, sailors, (free)divers, surfers, overland ocean explorers, and active salty souls passionate about the ocean. 

Is this you?

You have a burning desire for exploration. You like to create, grow and do good. You live in, on or near the ocean to cultivate a conscious alternative active lifestyle, or desire to do so. You travel by sail or on wheels (or fins? or wings?) or are curious to do so. You can't be 'boxed.'  You have a variety of interests with nature, health, simplicity, adventure and sustainability at the centre of it. The ocean is your home. Your playground. Your place to treasure, respect, and protect.

But alone you can only reach so far.

They are other humans in this world with your way of living. Here’s your tribe! We get you and your life choices. And we are here to support, team-up & meet-up for more fun and ocean impact. 

We connect people, resources and knowledge to realize ocean travel and adventure with more fun, impact and nature connection.

"The future is in the hands of those who explore... and from all the beauty they discover while crossing perpetually receding frontiers, they develop for nature and for humankind an infinite love." - Jacques Yves Cousteau


Ocean Nomads helps you to:


 Explore travelling by sail. We introduce you to this alternative way of travel and help you get started. We have resources with tips and you can ask the community for personalized information.  Community members welcome each other on self-initiated adventures, boat rides, projects, and meet-ups. And, rather spontaneous we organize several Ocean Nomads trips per year. We create and communicate ocean adventure and conservation content, tips, conversations, projects and opportunities from people with similar values, dreams and missions. We strive to increase ocean awareness and action by facilitating and encouraging experience-based learning adventures.  Magical epiphany moments is what we're after. 


 We're here to connect you with (aspiring) ocean explorers on similar journeys, or those who have made the journeys you're dreaming of. Find and be found by captains, crew and projects sharing similar interests, missions and locations. Connect with adventure and eco-minded explorers who are navigating the sea near you for support, fun, and action. We support and encourage connection to the self, nature and each other. 


 Find answers to make better, more well-informed decisions about the steps in the ocean nomads journey, the next ocean adventure destination, project or crew opportunity. Find support to kickstart or enhance your desired lifestyle. We share information, skills, knowledge and sailing experiences, from newbie to pro. 


Swap stories, experiences and ideas about travel by sail, conscious nomad living, ocean adventure sports paradises, ocean entrepreneurship and tips & tools to accelerate our shared mission to save the seas.  We're here to encourage personal development and help maximize your potential. 


Find ocean inspiration, practical ideas on simplification and sustainable/self-sufficient living, improving ocean-friendly habits thought-provoking conversations, tips, and tools. We're here to inspire & inform each other on simple and sustainable living, to minimize harm and maximize positive change. We're here to accelerate social & environmental impact projects by raising awareness, sharing what we encounter, facilitating synergetic team-ups, ocean citizen science data gathering & reporting projects and cargo sailing. We're here to help boost existing local and global sustainable solutions. 

"More people should connect to nature, the ocean, to the real world that is out there. If more people know, hopefully they will want to change as well. Ocean Nomads has given me so much, I only hope to do a little in return." 

- Pim (Netherlands)

"I really like the founding values of this community - which are all genuine and important! - and appreciate the “air” of it. I'm here to learn more about sailing and the ocean, to get more hands on experience in a setting/vibe I like, while getting to know more people with the same values and interests." 

- Louise (Sweden)

Are you somewhere on this path?

Whichever part of the journey you're on, we're here!

Whether you’re a complete novice and just curious, a salty sea gypsie, a van lifer looking to reach further, or an island-based ocean lover, you are welcome to join! It's the mix that makes our tribe special and powerful.

The mission is to build a thriving movement for low-carbon ocean exploration and action to connect similar souls, share insights, help each other's journeys, establish relationships, and accelerate action to save our oceans.

We strive for a way of life to share, explore, collaborate and take action.

A huge part of our nomadic excitement is in the act of setting out for exploration, to let the magic happen and to see what we encounter. But few people enjoy doing it alone. It's nourishing to meet like-minded souls with shared interests, values, and mission to share the journey. To find answers to questions that google doesn’t answer. To find a project where we can lend our hand.

The online stuff is just a means to accelerate our journeys in the wild. What we aim to achieve is real-life connection and action in, on, and near the ocean. You can spend less time online researching and connecting because here you have a place to find your answers, adventures and people. Basecamps are in development as well to connect more of us in the wild.


Become an Ocean Nomads member... 

Your membership includes:


🥥 Priority sign-up to Ocean Nomads sailing trips

🥥 Join and team-up for ocean adventure with community members

🥥 Join and host Ocean Nomads meet-ups and events in your area

🥥 Exclusive Ocean Nomads Deals & Discounts: On Ocean Nomads Trips, the Ocean Nomad book; access to our deals with sailing schools and other partners (Coming Soon); discounts on Ocean Nomads sailing trips and merchandise (Coming Soon)


🥥 Introductions and team-ups with ocean conservation and local community impact projects

🥥 Thought-provoking conversations on ocean travel, conservation and sustainability

🥥 Share and get ideas, belong and contribute to this ocean impact movement

🥥 Your voice matters. Our voices together have the potential to create waves of change


🥥 Access to the Ocean Nomads global network to create meaningful connections with like-minded adventure & eco-minded explorers who are navigating the sea near you for support, fun and action. Within our community, we have our 30 super Ambassadors from 15 nationalities on their nomad journeys, and happy to help you move forward.

🥥 Access to the Ocean Nomads online space (App & Desktop) where you can:

  1. Find and be found by captains, boat owners, crew and other like-minded salty souls based on location
  2. Access a safe place to share questions, answers, stories, lessons learned, tools & tricks. Away from social media noise. No spam, no bullying, no judging and no data being sold here. Find and give answers on your sailing, conscious living and impact journey (from newbie to pro)
  3. Meet other like-minded salty souls based on shared interest (Surfers/(Free)divers/Creatives/Forestry fanatics and more subgroups to go deeper on subjects)
  4. Access to content and conversations you can't find elsewhere, e.g. catching sailboat rides, crewing, learning how to sail, becoming qualified, skill development, destinations, nomad lifestyle, conscious living, ocean-friendly habits, sustainable nomad living and much more
  5. Access to our continuously expanding database of in-depth resources including: Ocean Conservation Challenges Explained, Tips on Conscious Provisioning & Waste Management, How to Find a Sailboat Ride, and Sailing across the Atlantic as crew.

The investment

Founding member price

(first 120 members only)

$ 4 / Month

Charged at 49,99 $ / year + VAT (which depends on your country)

Update: 18 Founding Member spots left!

To thank our pioneer founding members we promise your membership investment will never increase!

With a little barrier to entry, we believe we attract those truly committed, open, excited and determined for adventure, action and impact. We only have yearly memberships for the reason that relationship and community building takes time.

We're constantly evolving, by ocean nomads and for ocean nomads. If you really can't afford to join but believe you have to be part of it, apply for our scholarship, financed by our members. Above all, we like to be accessible and provide an opportunity where we can. 

By Joining Ocean Nomads you pledge to:

Be supportive

Step up for the environment

Act local

Give before you get

Be open & kind

...and have no day without nature play!

What do members say?

"Ocean Nomads makes you feel really connected. So much of my journey in conservation, with this lifestyle and also as an entrepreneur, has been about finding those people who understand and who can give the experience alongside. I'm not feeling like I’m shouting into a giant void of the internet with tons of people who don’t get it or are not interested. I’ve definitely felt like I have a whole mix of solidarity of people beside me. I’m really excited to see where that goes. I can feel the positivity leaking into my life already."  Caitlin - Ocean Nomads Founding Member, long-term nomad & Impact Founder of The Sustainable Tourist

I absolutely love what you guys are doing: combining adventure and sustainability go hand in hand. I want to spend my time, money and energy on people and companies that aim to make the world a bit more beautiful. You do that and I love being a part of that. - Janneke Dijkhuis (boathitchhiked across two oceans from zero to hero)

“In my opinion, Ocean Nomads provides: 1. A reward for the senses by discovering incredibly beautiful places and breathtaking sceneries. 2. An unbeatable way to get introduced into the nice world of sailing, 3. An open window to learn to watch our world and the people from another more conscious perspective. Our oceans need strong committed people like to advocate for our natural resources and leave them intact for the generations to come.” - Jose Maria Perez, sailed with us in Sicily on the Flotilla together with ON ambassador Paula from Allende Los Mares

Some of our Ocean Nomads Ambassadors & Founding Members:


Markus (Germany - Current nomad base: Canary Islands) "I am a Sailing, Freediving Ocean & Mother Nature enthusiast, Founder & Happiness Manager of OceanMinded, and dedicated to inspire passion for water. I am a RYA Yachtmaster Offshore, Freediver & Instructor, Rescue Swimmer and fully dedicated to connect with likeminded salty souls, share experiences, offer spaces, continue to explore this magic world & our oceanic existence. My dream is to live in raw nature again, grow own food, sail, dive & chase sunsets together with beautiful likeminded souls. I wish we all learn from and inspire each other, and help each other to be the best & most natural." 

Caitlin (USA - Current nomad base:  Dahab Egypt) "I made the ocean a lifestyle because I learned from those that went before me. They taught me climate realities, restoration techniques, & entrepreneurship. They let me in on what it really looks like behind the fancy company names. The people combining conservation, ocean & business, the people that chose a different life and one that was connected to the sea, those people are my people & my community. I am an Ocean Nomad and I very much look forward to getting to know you. "

Eoin (Ireland) "I work on sailing boats as an engineer and skipper and own my own boat, a 1969 Hurley 22 called Moonshine. I'm using this Corona lockdown to refit my boat and get ready for a summer of sailing and surfing."

Kerstine (France - Current nomad base: Sea Shepherd Spain) "I've discovered sailing in the channels of Patagonia in Chile and, after a few adventures, went on my full time sailing (and diving) jobs and travels. A few years have passed, that have seen me a bit around the world, discovering environmental issues like plastics pollution and dead zones and many other. I since then became an activist and advocate for a cleaner ocean! I am now bosun's mate on a Sea Shepherd vessel and am excited to share this new chapter with you :)."

Eleanor (UK - Current nomad base: Brighton) "I live on my 1935 25ft wooden sailing boat currently in Brighton, UK. I started sailing at 16 with a sail training charity, and have since worked as First Mate onboard traditional sailing vessels, owned & lived aboard three very different boats, had amazing salty adventures around the world, written for sailing magazines, and most recently set up SaltyJobs.co - inspiring others to work in the marine industry. I‘m passionate about the magic of the ocean and the positive connections we can make. Ocean Nomads feels like home.

Annah (New Zealand) Dreaming of owning my own little floating home one day. Holes and all! My passion for sailing was reignited in 2015 with a passage from NZ to Tonga but it all began much earlier when my mum and dad built 'Soundsgood'. I am here to connect, to learn, and maybe even... inspire??!

Andreas (Germany) "When you´re caught up in a hamster wheel, you can`t make speed over ground! Passionate for nature, ocean sailing, diving and all kind of sports. I love music and playing guitar. Would love to own my own sailing home some time, that brings me across the seven seas and beyond. I´m happy and thankful to be here with all you Ocean Nomads and salty souls."

Claudio (Italy - Current nomad base: Azores, Portugal) "I'm a diving instructor living on my lovely 30ft boat called Sam and co-founder of the citizen science Sail&Whale project. Glad to be part of Ocean Nomads to share my passion for the sea and show to the people that is possible to live their own dream."

Monique (Canada - Based in Granada) "RYA Yachtmaster. I have been in Grenada for 4 seasons. Recently bought 73ft traditional schooner. I am interested in citizen science projects. We are willing to support research and science with the vessel. Looking forward to connecting with like-minded people to collaborate in the Caribbean and around the world."

Dan (UK - Current basecamp: Spain) "Busker & freelance fiddle player on 6-year tour across 6 continents without flying. I'm attempting to present an alternative and ethically informed lifestyle, driven by the power of music, human connections and "eco-travel" - by train, sailboat, hitchhiking, & bicycle (no commercial flights!). Of course, these priorities have led me time and again back to sailing, and this season I intend to heed the call at last. Being born by the water it's always coursed deep inside me, and a season spent hitchhiking across the Caribbean was all I needed to confirm my love for a saltier way of life."

Marcin (Poland - Current basecamp: Sailing across the Atlantic Ocean) "I never expected hitch sailing the Atlantic to be so easy. And now? I guess I felt in love with the ocean."

Janneke (Holland - Current basecamp: Bali) "I'm a Dutchie, work location independent, crossed the Indian and Atlantic Ocean as a hitch sailor. The dream: live on a sailboat!"

Pim ( Holland - Current basecamp: Nepal) "After some years of saving up to go on an adventure of a lifetime, I left home to go and explore this beautiful big blue blob we live on. With the help of the book Ocean Nomad and the Ocean Nomads trip in Sicily, I found my first hitch-sailing rides. 10 months later I made it to Fiji and started travelling overland back to Europe. Got my YM offshore in the meantime."

Silvio (Switzerland - Current basecamp: NZ) "Kaoha... I sailed me and my boat half around, work in the boat industry for 14 years. After 4 years at sea, I need some earth time, regenerative time, a purpose. I‘m available for hands-on action. Owning a boat is far from what it looks like, especially in terms of sustainability. We need real action."

Andy (South Africa - Current basecamp: St. Vincent & the Grenadines) "You'll probably find me in the ocean sailing, diving (free or SCUBA) or kitesurfing. I left a previous life in heavy steel construction building oil and gas platforms in Saudi Arabia to become a salty sailor. I did this for many reasons but mostly that sailing and ocean living on a small boat is a lot more fun! I started my sailing journey in Cape Town finishing off my Yachtmaster crossing to Rio de Janeiro. Then I worked for a small NGO onboard a yacht raising awareness and action to plastic pollution. At the moment I'm in the Caribbean enjoying the warm water and hopefully teaching sailing once borders reopen!"

Louise (Sweden) "A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor - Exploring different aspects of life since 1984. Pathfinder from Sweden dreaming of spending more time near the Ocean!"

Connect with us and many more eco & adventure-minded salty souls


"I fully support the idea and vision of Ocean Nomads, the spontaneity and space for explorations in slow, sustainable living that it offers and very much look forward to introducing others to it. Moreover, I greatly enjoy staying in touch with Ocean Nomads I already met and will value the opportunity to continue our paths of exchanging ideas around the ocean, (life) experiences and time spent together." 

- Nina (Austria)

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